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LED lights for aquariums with a focus on aquascaping and aquatic life. Explore our exclusive range of LED lights for aquariums and aquascaping. Our primary emphasis is on outstanding design and quality, and we offer various products for every imaginable need with the latest LED lighting technology. Most models can be controlled via Bluetooth and App, where you have the opportunity to set sunrise and sunset to mimic a natural daily rhythm in your aquarium. Create the perfect lighting solution for your aquarium with powerful light that provides ample illumination even for the most demanding aquarium plants, and customize the colors on our RGB models as well.

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  1. Chihiros A II
    As low as €83.95
  2. Chihiros A II Max
    As low as €103.95
  3. Chihiros B
    As low as €36.95
  4. Chihiros C
    As low as €36.95
  5. Chihiros S
    As low as €79.99
  6. Chihiros WRGB II Slim
    As low as €338.95
  7. Chihiros WRGB II
    As low as €169.95
  8. Chihiros WRGB II Pro
    As low as €215.95
  9. Chihiros Vivid II
    As low as €441.95
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