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We offer a range of products designed to optimize the water flow from your external aquarium filter. Explore our selection of inflow and outflow options, available in both glass and stainless steel. These products allow you to create the ideal outflow for your aquarium environment, with a special focus on design. Our glass products are specifically crafted to ensure that the pump's intake and outflow do not detract from the attention to the aquarium's aquascape, aquatic life, and plants.

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  1. Chihiros Spiral Skimmer Glass Inflow
    As low as €49.95
  2. Chihiros Lily Glass Outflow
    As low as €31.95
  3. Chihiros Poppy Glass Outflow
    As low as €34.95
  4. Chihiros Glass Inflow
    As low as €33.95
  5. Chihiros Clean Hose
    As low as €11.95
  6. Chihiros Metal Jet Pipe Set
    As low as €42.95
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